DIY Valentine's Gift Ideas

Do you need some easy, thoughtful and inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? I’ve got you covered with these three different DIY gift basket ideas that you just cannot go wrong with.

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1.) Papmper kit

First of all, who doesn’t love a quality pamper kit for Valentine’s Day? I mean, for any day, really? If you want to create the perfect pamper gift basket, here are some must-have items to include.

1.) Cute basket or jar

The best way to package your little pamper kit is to use a fun or festive basket or container. I am personally a HUGE fan of Target, The Dollar Tree and Amazon’s options for little buckets and plastic containers that are already themed for Valentine’s Day. I loved using these translucent, decorated jars with lids and handles from The Dollar Tree.

Here are some suggestions if you need some:

2.) nail polish of choice

OF COURSE no pamper kit would be complete without a very pretty Valentine’s-themed nail polish. In my experience, you can never go wrong a classic nude, baby pink or red nail color. IF the person you are gifting for does not prefer to wear normal nail polish (maybe the toxins bother them), you can stick a packet of adorable, festive nail wraps in the jar.

Here are some of my favorites for Valentine’s nail colors and nail wraps:

3.) cute nail file

A great pairing accessory for the nail polish is a quality nail file. I am a huge fan of the nail files that have multiple sides (buffing, filing, etc.) and believe one can never have too many nail files on hand!

Here are some great suggestions:

4.) Lip product of choice

You CANNOT go wrong with a luxurious lip product—maybe a gloss, tinted lip balm or lipstick? I would stick to a classic pinkish-nude shade that would go well with most complexions.

Here are some suggestions:

5.) Chocolate yummies

What is a Valentine’s gift without some chocolate??? Be sure to throw in a handful of truffles or assorted chocolates or some Valentine’s-themed M & M’s to really sweeten the deal.

6.) Pretty tissue paper

Head over to the Dollar Tree, Target or Amazon and take your pick of adorable and festive tissue paper or filling. Go as crazy as you want here!

7.) Little note

Throw in a little note to wish them a very happy Valentine’s Day and tell them how much they deserve to be pampered!

8.) Bath Bomb

If you are gifting someone who is not too into beauty products, you could always swap the nail polish or lip product for a luxurious bath bomb! There is something so relaxing and special about a bubble bath and gorgeous-smelling, foaming bath product to relax and unwind with.

Here are some recommendations:

9.) Lotion

Another substitute idea for a beauty product is to throw in a soft and quality hand or body cream. This, paired with a bath bomb, would make a great pamper gift for someone who isn’t into beauty as much or really likes baths.

2.) Hot chocolate kit

Even though I am slightly more obsessed with hot chocolate than the average person, I really do think Valentine’s Day is the PERFECT holiday for a cute hot chocolate kit. If you want to make one that is Valentine-themed and sure to please, here are some suggestions.

1.) Adorable jar or mug

Start with selecting either a festive Valentine’s mug, tumblr or a nice sized, lidded mason jar. The mason jar would be great for a more traditional hot chocolate mix “kit,” and the mug would be a great way to go if you wanted to go the hot chocolate bomb route.

2.) Cocoa mix or bomb

Depending on the above choice, you can either go with classic hot cocoa mix or hot cocoa bombs.

If you are choosing to go with bombs (which would be perfect to fill the mug), you can either purchase a few or make them yourself! I definitely plan on making some of my own hot cocoa bombs in the future, but for now I would link you to this recipe for a fun, Valentine’s bomb.

For the cocoa mix option, you could easily purchase a lovely gourmet cocoa mix from many places (see links below), or easily make your own. There is a lot of freedom in DIY cocoa mixes, but here is one that is quite simple to do.

3.) Chocolate-dipping spoon

The perfect addition to a hot chocolate kit is some variation of a chocolate stirring spoon. There are so many options available, but I love these chocolate spoons and these chocolate dippers.

4.) Valentine’s-themed toppings

This is the fun part! Make sure to fill your hot chocolate kit with an assortment of toppings—mini marshmallows, festive colored sprinkles, chocolate shavings, etc. This is what will make the hot chocolate presentation extra special and unique to the holiday.

Here are some great ideas:

5.) Cute note with tag to tie on jar

Like with the pamper kit, this would not be a true Valentine’s gift without a little note. A great way to do this is to get some hemp, ribbon or lanyard and tie on a little note to the top of the jar or around the rim or handle of the mug with some cute little thoughts. Don’t overthink it!

3.) pick-me-up Jar

I have seen this idea before on Pinterest and have always wanted to try it. For the person who is not into beauty or candy much but still has a sentimental side, a great gift idea is to make a little jar of pick-me-up and encouragement notes.

First and foremost, if you are going this route I would make sure to get quality and adorable scrapbook or cardstock paper to cut up and use for the little notes. You could do Valentine’s-themed colors or go with a patterned look.

Here are some options:

1.) Compliments

Now for what to say! I would be sure to include some very genuine and maybe specific compliments that will be sure to make that person feel special. Maybe share something they have done for you recently that you really appreciate (like cooked a quality meal or helped out with some task), and some thoughts about what you like about them. Never underestimate the power of a genuine compliment!

2.) Memories

Another great idea is to jot down a few of your favorite memories with that person to include. Not only will you enjoy writing them, but this person will be sure to love revisiting those special or funny times whenever they are having an off day.

3.) Bible Verses or Quotes

You can also add in some inspiring quotes or Bible verses that will always provide some life and inspiration. I personally love gifts like this I have received and think there are so many great verses and quotes that are worth reading over and over again.

4.) Adventure Ideas

I thought it would also be super fun to write down a few fun ideas for adventures this person could go on—either with you or on their own—whenever they might need something fun to look forward to. Feel free to get as creative or random as possible here!

5.) Favorite candies

Last but not least, don’t forget to add in some of their favorite candy! If you don’t know what that may be, you could always go with some nostalgic candies they might remember from childhood.

What About You?

As always, I love to know what your thoughts are regarding these ideas. Do you have any other suggestions for these gift ideas or any other DIY gift ideas up this alley? I would LOVE to know!

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